Location. Location. Location.

Stage It! Stage It! Stage It!  

Sell Quicker and Above List Price!

A staged house is a value-added service where most houses sell faster and for a 3-10% higher price than the asking price. Investing in staging your listing costs less than the listing's first price reduction. You can tell your client to de-clutter, clean off the kitchen cabinets or you can put money in your pocket quicker by calling a professional stager like Cypress Home Organizer.

Nine out of every ten buyers now view the home online first, so it's vital that the photos are of professionally staged rooms and plenty of them!

Partner with me, I'm an HSR Certified Professional ...

Enhance your listing package by bringing in a professional stager to do all your occupied home consultations and reports.  Let's partner to educate your seller about the benefits of home staging by a professional home staging service, Cypress Home Organizer. We can hone in on your client's style, use what they have or bring in accessories that pop to accent the features of the home.  If necessary, we can suggest color preferences, better lighting options, and other ways to enhance the home.

  • CHO will Listen!  We focus on how to benefit your business and help you get more listings by getting great referrals.
  • CHO is Accredited and Certified!  Credibility and certification matter to sellers, so they will know when CHO makes a recommendation...it's in their best interest.
  • CHO has Professional, organized Reports!  Cypress Home Organizer offers your clients an action plan, so there is no mistaking what needs to be done to the home.
  • CHO offers Educational Hand-outs!  CHO knows that not all sellers "get it", so we offer easy to understand materials you can use to educate them on the staging process.