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  • Staged Sitting Room

Dear Alice, Thank you so much for the beautiful staging you did at my house. The house sold in two days for more than asking price and, I think, you played a huge part in that. Even though I had moved most of my furniture, you were able to give potential buyers a look at the possibility of each room.  How a potential buyer looks at your house is so important. You were able to capture the potential for them. Thank you so much. I look forward to referring friends and family to you. Many thanks for a job well done.  B.S.W.

Staging Client

I recently moved into a much smaller home and needed to be very organized. Knowing Alice was an organizer, I asked her to help me. There were way-too-many kitchen things. She found a way to find a place for everything. Using drawer dividers, the cooking utensils found a home. There was even room left in the drawer! The cabinets were so organized that there was one cabinet empty.  She also found pictures in closets and began to pick through those and soon the rooms began to come alive.  I enjoyed working with Alice and her expert attention to detail.  S.C.

Downsizing Client

Before Alice helped me organize my office, I was content with my clustered office. After all, no one would see it, RIGHT!!! I am an Interior Designer, would take care of business and leave my office. Since Alice organized my office, it is a beautiful, peaceful and above all, a creative spot for new ideas so now I spend more time in my office being creative. Now that I can easily find the paper and other supplies that I need, my projects get completed quicker. Thank you, Alice!!!  D.E.

Organizing Client